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BEWARE of Aftermarket Feed Tubes!


With the high volume of injectors we sell we have run into a recurring problem. Customers who purchase New OEM Injectors but do not purchase New OEM feed tubes. Shortly after purchasing and replacing the injectors, we get calls about injector failures. The injectors and feed tubes are sent in to us for warranty inspection. 

The customers claim that they bought "new" feed tubes. The aftermarket companies are labeling these feed tubes as "Genuine New Feed Tubes." Upon inspection we found that, although they may be new, they are NOT Bosch feed tubes. Here are a few images to show what we found and help you identify them.

In addition to the overall appearance of low quality machining we found:

- NEW Bosch Feed tubes will have the Cummins part # and the Bosch part # printed on them.

  5.9L Bosch part # F00RJ01572, Cummins part # 3979419

  6.7L Bosch par # F00J01831, Cummins part # 4929864  

- These Aftermarket Feed Tubes also have their own part # printed on them in addition to the Bosch and Cummins #.

- The edge filter literally fell out! We sprayed aerosol brake cleaner through the end to flush it and check for any possible debris in the filter and it just fell out!

  The edge filter should be pressed in and not fall out. Because it was just sitting inside loosely, it was able to move around and create debris which damages the injectors.

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Beware of Aftermarket Feed Tubes!

Beware of Aftermarket Feed Tubes!!

Beware of Aftermarket Feed Tubes!!!

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